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An often used explanation is, ‘The study of the structure of subjective experience and anything that can be derived from it’. Another is, ‘An alternative attitude and methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.’

I prefer the explanation from, ‘ The NLP Coach’, written by Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago that, ‘It is the study of human excellence and it makes available a body of knowledge about how human beings go about making sense of their experience and interacting with others.’

John Grinder, a professor of linguistics and Richard Bandler, a student of mathematics both at the University of Santa Cruz, developed NLP in the mid-70s. They studied the work of several extremely successful therapeutic communicators; Virginia Satir, a family therapist; Fritz Pearls, the founder of Gestalt therapy; and Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist hypnotist who all achieved outstanding results with their clients.

In the early days Bandler and Grinder worked with informal groups of students and colleagues and from the outset their work was collaborative and hands on which is the bases of NLP. They were able to elicit the strategies from the various experts they studied, learn the strategies and put them into practice. If it didn’t work, they reassessed the strategy and re practised it until it did.

From these early works various models primarily based on the language patterns were discovered, particularly the Meta Model and the Milton Model. Over the years various skills and techniques have been developed that can be used to understand peoples strategies, behaviour, beliefs and values.

In order to adopt the learning’s of NLP and to use the various skills, techniques and procedures there are a number of presuppositions. The validity of some of the presuppositions is often argued, however, if we act as though they are correct and true then the techniques of NLP can be better applied.

There are many presuppositions and I have listed a few here for you to consider:

  • The map is not the territory – Our senses take in raw data from the environment and that raw data has absolutely no meaning whatsoever other than the meaning we choose to give it. In other words, we all create our own individual maps of what we believe the world to be. Our maps are not, however, the actual physical world.
  • Life and mind are systemic processes – Mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system. Anything that happens in the mind also effects what happens in the body and visa versa.
  • Every behaviour serves a positive intention – everyone is always doing what he or she believes is right, or the only choice available to them given the circumstances as they see it.
  • Every behaviour is useful in some context – no behaviour is wrong in itself, it is perhaps just not the most appropriate behaviour for the context.
  • The meaning of you communication is the response that you get – It does not matter what you meant, what matters is what actually results from your words, tone and actions.
  • There is no failure, only feedback – all results are useful information and can be used to propel us to success.
  • The person with the most flexibility and choices of behaviour will rule the system - In order to get different results, you need to keep doing different things. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
  • There are no resistant clients only inflexible communicators – Something will work and if you look deep enough and try enough things, you will definitely find the one thing that works.
  • Resistance is a sign of lack of rapport – We will move heaven and earth for those we love and want to impress. When you have rapport you have massive influence.
  • If one human has done it, that means it is humanly possible – and if it is humanly possible, any human being can learn to do it.
  • All genius, excellence and amazing achievement has structure and a strategy - and for this reason it can be learned.
  • We have all the resources we need – All the resources we need are inherent in our own physiology and neurology.
  • We create our own experience – and are therefore responsible for what happens to us.

In order to observe excellence and uncover the difference that makes the difference, NLP offers some building blocks including; calibration techniques in language patterns, internal representations used and body language; strategy elicitation by examination of the finer distinctions in behaviour; and analytical models such as perceptual positions and time-frames.

These techniques provide NLP practitioners with skills such as; rapport skills in matching-mismatching, mirroring, pacing and leading; anchoring and eliciting states; eliciting strategies; psycho-geography; questioning skills; and language skills.

A way to take control of our lives and direct the course of our own destiny.

  • Communication skills.
  • Self-help and personal growth.
  • A method of learning any skill quickly and easily.
  • Techniques for accelerated learning and techniques for removing learning disabilities.
  • Many sales and persuasion techniques.
  • A way of questioning that allows you to understand a vague communication fully.
  • Arguing, debating and negotiating skills.
  • An understanding of human subjective experience.
  • A set of presuppositions that afford us a greatly improved quality of life.
  • A set of skills for influencing people and changing minds.
  • A way to build stronger, more rewarding relationships with all people.
  • A detailed understanding of how people learn and how to teach them.
  • Ways to improve business behaviours from leadership to conflict management to trust, responsibility and commitment.
  • Coaching skills to help people accomplish their dreams, aspirations and goals.
  • A way to change problematic family patterns and dysfunctional marital patterns.
  • Techniques for fast and effective therapy and change.

You may have noticed that this provides me, as a Life Coach, with a very wide-ranging set off skills, techniques and procedures that can be used in many personal and business scenarios.

Please note that all NLP Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy can be accomplished content free.  You need only discuss your problems or issues in as much depth as you feel comfortable