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Some people do not always know what they want in life whereas others do but are unable to accomplish it. You may see a clear path of objectives in front of you but keep tripping over obstacles in your way or hit brick walls. Your internal voice might be screaming at you telling you how failure could be the only result. Deep down inside you might have a rock solid feeling that you are not achieving what you must surely deserve in life.

This could be related to:

  • Your career or work.
  • Your relationships.
  • Your family life.
  • Your social life.
  • The sport you participate or compete in, or want to.
  • The hobbies you enjoy or want to take up.

In these modern and hectic times we have to balance jobs, social responsibilities, families, pleasure, leisure and life in general and can often lose track of the self.

Life coaching is a strong partnership between you and the coach to establish your goals and outcomes in order that together you can unleash those unused or forgotten skills that we all have inside us enabling motivation to aspire, accomplish and achieve.

You may also feel a need to be released from phobias or habits that are stifling your vision of clarity for a sound now or future.

Life coaching will enable you to:

  • Establish your dreams and goals.
  • Map out your life.
  • Improve your game like you could not believe possible.
  • Stop looking back and concentrate on the future.
  • Break through or out of restricting and limiting behaviour.
  • Cure phobias.
  • Quit unwanted habits.

Life Coaching is non-judgemental and relies on you and the coach working together in a strong partnership to work specifically towards your needs, dreams and goals.

Please be aware that all Life Coaching is conducted in the strictest of confidence and, if required, can be conducted via email or telephone.

Go on; take the first step to the rest of your life!


Initial 30 minute free consultation
 £60 for 1 Hour sessions
Discounts for multiple sessions booked in advance.